Apples ~ Greenwing Macaw


Our Beloved Apples went to Rainbow Bridge last night, 12/29/04. He went peacefully in his sleep snuggled up in the blanket she used to like at the bottom of his cage. He would always sleep there because one of his previous owners would knock him off the perch with rolled up newspaper when he made any noise. Apples spent the last several years with us helping us educate people about the abuse some of these poor birds go through. As close as we can figure he was around 50 years old and in the last year we could tell he had aged. When we got him he had cataracts from improper nutrition and scissor beak from stress. We fixed his scissor beak and he was eating well. He could eat those nuts that someone had to crack for him before. Last year we stopped bringing him on outreaches. He was starting to show his age, his cataracts had gotten worse and he felt better being in his cage or out with us at home to play with. Unfortunately we couldn't turn around what the years of malnutrition and abuse had done to him. We loved him as much as we could and he loved us too. We will miss you so much Apples, but we will never forget you and you will continue to go on outreaches with us in our hearts so we can stop more birds from living the life you had to go through.




This is Apples, a Greenwing Macaw. He is estimated to be about 40 to 45 years old. For the first 20 years of his life he lived with a person that worked nights, so he had to sleep
during the day. If Apples made any noise during the day he was beaten with a rolled up.  Not just once, but several times, Apples was left for dead. How he survive we don't know, but when the owners girlfriend left him she took the bird with her.

A better life, so to speak, he was kept in a cage that was too small for him, almost no toys, peanuts and seed for food but at least he wasn't being beaten. This was the case for the next 10 years or more of his life. With no toys to play with all he could do was rub
his beak up and down the bars of his cage to keep himself occupied. Hence, his beak is now growing out crooked. They would not take him out of his cage very often because he would bite them and chase the kids down the hallway. Out of concern for the kids, she decided that it was time for Apples to go because she no longer had the time to take care of him.

We adopted Apples and have had him for about a year now. We are working on getting his beak fixed by filing it a little at a time and we will eventually get it to go straight. He also has cataracts in both eyes and can't see that well. He now steps up on your arm and can be handled by anyone, including his previous owner, whom we met at an out-reach we did. She was astounded at how friendly Apples turned out to be and wanted to know how we did it.

By the way as soon as we got Apples we gave him a nice new LARGE Macaw cage which he loves. Lots of toys and a nice play gym on top which he spends a lot of time on.  Apples is HAPPY and will spend the rest of his life at Priceless Parrot Preserve. He is a very sweet bird and we all love him



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